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Opis kancelarii prawnej Gramatowscy Sopot

Gramatowscy Law Firm, functioning in cooperation with lawyers and solicitors, have extensive experience providing individualized approach. The team of lawyers has been shaped in such a way, that their expertise and experience allow to provide clients with comprehensive legal aid.


In addition, the Firm provides complex notarial services, through the implementation of co-operation with the Office of Public Notary Edyta Gramatowska.

Public Notary Edyta Gramatowska

In accordance with the notary law, the Notary Public main functions are:

authenticating the documents,

taking acknowledgments of deeds,

administering oaths and affirmations

 Bartosz Szczepaniak Patent Attorney

Specialized in representing clients in obtaining patents and acting in all matters and procedures related to patent law and practice, including practice in variety of intellectual property law, such as patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition and trade secrets matters.

Marcin Saner- Doradca prawny z zakresu Prawa Zamówień Publicznych

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